November 30, 2011

Collegiate Perspective: Interacting with Alumnae

The opportunities for Alpha Phi alumnae are endless, and the opportunity for collegians to interact with the dedicated alumnae network and connect with sisters everywhere is unmatched. Whether you’re on the brink of an unbelievable career opportunity, struggling to find a place in the working world or simply trying to navigate as a new alumna, there’s a sister who has been there before.

Alpha Phi’s LinkedIn groups provide career support and networking opportunities within your industry, and upon graduation, the Alpha Phi Transitions e-newsletter will be able to assist you with entering the real world.

While the Alpha Phi alumnae network is beneficial for career advancement, the opportunity to learn from and grow with alumnae—both young and old—is truly special. I encourage all sisters to connect to an alumna sister, whether they’re from your own chapter or not, as they’ll be able to share stories of Alpha Phi that may not be the same experiences you had. Sharing that familiarity as sisters is a great way to bond in the real-world.

Throughout my time in Alpha Phi, I’ve been privileged to meet and work with Alpha Phi alumnae from across the country. From each of these sisters I have learned something new, and they have motivated me to be a dedicated Alpha Phi volunteer upon graduation. They’ve inspired me to give something else back to our beloved Fraternity far beyond my collegiate experience.

Finding an alumnae opportunity is as simple as searching “alumnae” at or creating a LinkedIn Profile and connecting to the Alpha Phi group. You won’t regret taking the time to do so!

Katie Foster is a collegiate member at Maine (Delta Nu)

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