October 19, 2011

Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

You may recall Alpha Phi's promotion of the Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories documentary program and participation from one of our very own, Ashliegh Jarzenski (Epsilon Alpha-Ashland). Women from all across the country applied to participate on the Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories film crew. The 18 selected women, including Epsilon Alpha’s Ashliegh, were flown to Los Angeles were they devoted their hard work and passion to creating three separate documentaries. During the 7-day production week, participants learned the ins and outs of how to create, develop, produce, shoot and promote their documentaries.

Now, in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories hopes to educate and inspire women to make better choices by creating a conversation about the issues of domestic violence through the messages in these documentaries. You can join their efforts by watching Ashliegh’s documentary, created by Team Give Joy and featuring celebrity narrator Alexa Vega.

Here’s where you—Alpha Phi’s members—come in: the documentary with the most views will receive a $20,000 donation in the name of the crew to a women’s shelter. As Ashliegh is a participant in Team Give Joy, we’d like to encourage you to watch the team's video and share it with other Alpha Phis and friends. You must watch the video all the way through for your view to count. After viewing, feel free to comment on the film or the cause.

Congratulations to Ashliegh for being chosen to participate in this program and for creating such a wonderful documentary. We wish you and Team Give Joy the best of luck!

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Ashliegh said...

Thank you, Alpha Phi International Office, for all of your support through the making and promotion of the Mary Kay Inspiring Stories documentaries! It means the world to me!