October 12, 2011

It Must Be Midterms!

Ten-page paper, check. Four exams, check. Coffee hooked up to an IV, check. Zero hours of sleep, check.
It must be midterms!

As collegiate members we are busy with homework, studying, leadership positions and still find the time to hang out with our sisters. Good study skills help us manage our time more efficiently and ensure we get a full night’s sleep!

Here are some tips to help you with your midterms and finals:

• Schedule time to study and study in a regular place

• Study and do homework as soon as classes are done

• Learn the general concepts first

• Take short breaks frequently; your mind is able to retain information you study at the beginning and end more than what you study in the middle. Taking short breaks often will help to maximize your capacity to memorize.

• Review your notes right after class when it’s fresh in your memory

• Go to class!

• Study when you’re alert and not tired! Stay well-rested and hydrated!

• Ask a sister in the same class/major to help you study or set up sisterhood study groups.

After your midterms and finals are done, reward yourself for all of your hard work! Treat yourself to some new Alpha Phi gear.

Ashliegh Jarzenski is a collegiate member at Ashland University (Epsilon Alpha).

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