August 3, 2011

The Alpha Phi Traveler Program

The Alpha Phi Traveler program sponsors unique travel opportunities for alumnae to explore the world—together!  Our travel program enables you and other sisters to come together, rekindle bonds and connect with the world as adventurers, vacationers and explorers.

Barbara Taylor (Beta Delta`71-UCLA) was a recent participant in Alpha Phi Traveler’s 2010 trip to China.  Taylor had always longed to visit China and realized that this program provided her with an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel with friends, including chapter sister Terry Gomme (Beta Delta ’73- UCLA). Taylor and her group traveled to numerous cities in China such as Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Yichang, Shanghai and Hong Kong.   A local tour director illuminated China’s ancient past as well as its fast-moving present.

The group was able to explore various cities and tourist attractions.  Taylor mentions that her favorite experiences in China were standing on the Great Wall and viewing the terra cotta warriors. She notes, “The length of the history of China is just amazing and the fact that they have managed to preserve these pieces of history is a great achievement.” Other day trips and organized tours allowed for a relaxed environment in a small group setting.

In addition to discovering China’s highlights, the Alpha Phi Traveler program allows you to travel in a safe, organized and comfortable group scenario.  Taylor says that traveling on a tour in China is “the only way to go.”  She was very appreciative that she did not have to individually deal with all the travel issues like deciding on restaurants, paying the right amount of foreign currency or figuring out the appropriate tip.  She says, “We didn’t have to worry about anything or arrange anything. Our day was mapped out for us and we just showed up in the lobby in the morning and were taken everywhere!”

Most importantly Taylor says that “traveling with a group through the Traveler program allowed [me] to meet other people with many interesting life experiences.”  Taylor explains that at other places, they ran into another tour group that had no “connection” to each other and didn’t seem cohesive as their group, a definite perk of traveling with an Alpha Phi planned program.

Could there be anything more fun than traveling the world with people who value the same special Alpha Phi bond that you do? Whether it is with old college friends, family or Alpha Phis from a particular city or region, Alpha Phi Traveler stands ready to embark with you on the trip of a lifetime! For more information visit and see the travel opportunities currently available for you and your sisters.

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