June 27, 2011

Then & Now: Educational Leadership Consultants

In 1894, Alpha Phi was the first women’s fraternity to use “traveling delegates,” now known as Educational Leadership Consultants (ELCs). Continuing a tradition of leadership, the ELC program develops strong women who think innovatively and take initiative, who meet goals and exceed other’s expectations and who command respect and engage others. ELCs work hands on with Alpha Phi chapters to develop recruitment plans, devise marketing strategies, provide motivation and support, analyze situations and make vital decisions.
The group of Educational Leadership Consultants pictured below participated in the program from 1993-1994. The first photo was taken in December 1993 and the following was taken in May 2011 at their ELC class reunion.
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(Back row, left to right) Jennifer Chen Woodford (Zeta Gamma-Santa Clara), Suzanne Williams (Zeta Gamma- Santa Clara), Leslie Heller (Epsilon Rho- UC/Davis), Tamara Smallwood Birrell (Gamma- DePauw)
(Middle row, left to right) Shanon Littleton Baggett (Theta Nu-App State), Jennifer Boss Victor (Epsilon Rho- UC/Davis), Kate Terrell Ryan (Rho- Ohio State), Sarah Rotgin Nau (Eta Omicron- Virginia Tech)
(Front row) Carol Blackwood Hendrickson (Eta Omicron- Virginia Tech)
Not pictured: Lalenia Maggio Cigna (Gamma Rho- Penn State)

Learn more about the ELC program here: http://www.alphaphi.org/elc/index.htm


PRJ said...

That is so cool! We've had as many as 4 together at once. At one point, 3 of us lived close enough to go on regular "stroller walks".

Shanon Baggett said...

Thank you so much for posting this story about us! Our reunion in May was fantastic. We felt like no time had passed at all. We have decided to only wait 5 years for the next one! So much fun hanging out with sisters- Shanon Littleton-Baggett