June 27, 2011

Summer Phiunion Planning: Invitations

First: What exactly is a “Phiunion?”

Phiunion (fe yoon’yen) n. – a social gathering of Alpha Phi pledge sisters, similar setting to a family reunion.

Second – hopefully you’ve kept in touch with your Alpha Phi pledge sisters since college, whether it was through an e-mail chain or regular get-togethers. But if you did lose touch with them, it’s never too late to start.

Send an e-mail with a life update and encourage your pledge sisters to send out updates of their lives. After you’ve virtually reconnected with your sister, set a date and meeting place this summer for a Phiunion. Then, follow up with one of these easy “do-it-yourself” invitation designs.

This invitation is conceptualized around a photo, and what better way to encourage your pledge sisters to reunite than with photo memories from some of the best years of your lives together? Let’s jump in…

Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! teamed up with Yahoo! Mail to create these fun postcards to send to friends and family. We’ve revamped the idea to function as invitations.

You can do the same with your Phiunion invitations. You’ll need:
-A Snapshot from the past
-4x6 cardstock paper
-Glue or double-sided tape
Take your snapshot to CVS or Walgreens, scan the photo and print duplicates for multiple postcards. This is not only inexpensive but it also doesn’t require you to be too tech-savvy – the scanners are easy to use and you can always ask an employee for help! Most importantly, though, you’ll still receive high quality photos.

Next, glue or tape your invitation photo to the cardstock paper. Let it dry if you glued the photograph to the paper. Some cardstock trimming may be required around the photo.

Finish up by scribbling the Phiunion details on the back of the card along with the address, or you could always format and print the details on the cardstock with a printer.

And that’s it – you have a homemade, heartfelt invitation to send to your pledge sisters.

Next up: Phiunion Party Themes

Kathryn Knight Randolph (Gamma-DePauw) currently resides in Chicago, IL.