June 2, 2011

Meet Rich Pezzullo – Housing Volunteer of the Month for May!

We are excited to award the first Housing Volunteer of the Month distinction to Rich Pezzullo!  Nominated by a fellow member of his House Corporation Board, Rich earns our endless appreciation for his longstanding and tireless commitment to serving the Delta chapter at Cornell.  Rich has given his knowledge, time and experience as a volunteer for the Board for the past 15 years.

Jane Tanner, HCB President for Delta Chapter (Cornell), weighs in on why Rich is so deserving of this award:
Rich has been on Delta's (Cornell) board for over 15 years and has served as VP for 12 years.  Rich has been my right hand, left hand and person to bounce ideas off of.  He was a hotel major which means he has a lot of knowledge and experience concerning housing type issues.  He now owns a computer networking company and he has kept Delta wired so to speak (unfortunately wireless doesn't work well in the big historic house). 

Rich has been known to drop everything and drive the five hours from New Jersey to the chapter house to help address any immediate concerns that arise.  He very interested in legal issues concerning Alpha Phi and he maintains a connection with our HCB attorney.  His financial knowledge has also proved to be useful as we switched financial advisors. 

Rich is a Zeta Psi and is married to an Alpha Phi. I believe he proposed to his wife at an Alpha Phi function. He has been an active volunteer of the HCB ever since.

I can't say enough about Rich.

Please join us in thanking him for his loyalty to the Fraternity!

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