November 5, 2010

On the Road

Ashley Deal (Theta Upsilon – CSU Chico)
09-10 ELC

I’ve never been much for hobbies. In the past I’ve discarded to-do lists, instruction manuals, and many lightly-worn uniforms—all relics of pursuits I’ve given up. I love reading and I imagine that someday I’ll have a library on the scale of Beauty and the Beast (sliding ladders included). My attempt at knitting (or maybe it was crocheting?) was a bust. I had envisioned myself knitting beautiful, fun-colored scarves for my friends as gifts who would then admire my art and praise my dedication. The one and only finished product turned out more like a knotted kitten’s toy than a cute scarf.
After my time on the road, I’ve found a hobby that I’ve finally been able to stick with—trying new things.

Being adventurous when it comes to food, travel, living, has become a passion of mine—a passion with the help of my year as an ELC, I’ve been able to stick with. I’ve flown more this year than I ever have before, becoming an aficionado of airports, an explorer of new cities, and a firm believer in trying anything once. For instance, Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop is a New Orleans-style restaurant in Evanston that all of the ELC’s recently ate at together. As we were debating where to eat, Dixie Kitchen came up as an option. A year ago, New Orleans-style food would have sent me running for the hills. Now, no amount of catfish, jambalaya, or sweet tea can scare me away.

While my nubbly scarves and stack of books may only travel so far with me, I know that my newfound sense of adventure is something I will carry with me long after my trusty rolling bag has worn out.

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Courtney @ Simply Sorority said...

I'm so happy traveling has been a great experience for you. Some people are so worn out by it, but I think the best way to learn about culture is to dive right in - immerse yourself in the community and food! You end up learning a lot about yourself when you try new things - that's for sure!