November 17, 2010

Alumnae Perspective: Celebrating Alumnae Anniversary Milestones

By Lori Losee (Beta Rho/Washington State)

At your next special Alpha Phi event, consider honoring those alumnae who have recently reached a major Alpha Phi anniversary milestone. The Delta Beta chapter did this during their 50th anniversary celebration of their founding at Texas A&M/Commerce (formerly East Texas State University).

“Delta Beta’s 50th was definitely an Alpha Phi bright spot for me this year,” said Jandy Thompson. “In celebrating the 50 years we have been on the Texas A&M/Commerce campus, it felt befitting to honor those charter members that laid the foundation for our chapter 50 years ago.”

Thompson said that the chapter purchased 50-year pins for the founding sisters and they were presented during the reception. Former South Central Alumnae Membership Coordinator, Betty Jo Fuller, conducted the pinning ceremony and Charter President, Loretta Stone Warnick, reminisced about the time of the chapter’s founding in 1960.

“We focused primarily on the 50-year members since it was the 50th anniversary and we had 11 charter members in attendance,” Thompson said. “We wanted to highlight these women and this anniversary. As a committee, we will choose to honor other anniversaries at subsequent reunions.”

Anniversary recognition pins are one way to honor the endurance of membership. These pins celebrate your affiliation with Alpha Phi on milestone occasions – 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, 65 years and 75 years.

The 10-year pin features a bold Roman numeral ten in brushed silver, with a delicate ivy vine entwined around it. The Greek letters Alpha Phi, engraved on the front of the pin, proudly display your affiliation.

The 25-year pin is a sterling silver badge in the shape of the Big Dipper, fashioned with seven sapphires at each of the joints,

The first 50-year pins, silver circles with red stones, were presented at the 42nd Convention in 1958 to several alumnae who had given significant service to the fraternity for 50 years or more. These pins are replicas of the pins presented to the six living Founders at the Fraternity’s 50th Anniversary Convention in 1922 and celebrate 50 years of membership in Alpha Phi. The pin is created in a manner that allows your original badge to be placed inside the silver circle for a dramatic jewelry display.

The 65-year pin is an elegant interpretation of one of the most cherished symbols of the Fraternity, the lily-of-the-valley. The Greek letters Alpha Phi are delicately embossed on this beautiful golden pin.

For our most revered members, the 75-year pin is a brilliant diamond-shaped, golden pin, with clear stones at each of the points. This breathtaking piece of jewelry is only available to those members who have been sisters for 75 years or more. Like the 50-year pin, the diamond is sized large enough to allow you to place your original badge within the 75-year pin.

Please note that Alpha Phi anniversaries are determined by your date of initiation. If you have any questions regarding eligibility or purchase of these pins and certificates, please contact the Alumnae Department at or 847.316.8940.

Lori Losee is the Pacific Northwest Alumnae Membership Coordinator.

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