October 5, 2010

On the Road

Megan Keim (Epsilon Gamma-Sacramento State)
09-10 ELC

As consultants we move from place to place--Atlanta to Kentucky to Canada to California--and live in all sorts of places--houses, apartments, or dorms. With so much of our lives in a fast-paced game of change, it's the little routines we maintain that allow us to feel at home wherever we are.
For me, the two things that make any place I go feel like home are my phone calls home and my morning cup of coffee.
After flying all day, or attending ten meetings in a row, I may not have much to talk about. If I can't get to a Starbucks, the coffee might not be so great. But on any given day, these two small gestures can mean a lot. They provide warmth in the snow, sleet, and rain (which mean a lot for a girl from California), and comfort when airports, recruitments, and meetings become long and tiresome.
So no matter where you are or what you're doing, sometimes it's the smallest acts of normalcy that matter the most.

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