September 5, 2010

On the Road

Evan Guthrie (Omega-Texas)
09-10 ELC

I actually did not think it was possible…

I have always enjoyed traveling and visiting new cities, states, and even countries, but I was also always glad to return home – to Texas.

During my travels as an ELC I gained a newfound independence; I have not only learned to live in places such as Chicago and Lexington, Kentucky, but I have also learned how to live out of a suitcase. I’ve been to 7 different states (including a fantastic vacation in Disneyworld) and spent time in countless airports (Charlotte being my favorite as I very much enjoy the rocking chairs).

A few things I learned during my time away from Texas:
- Don’t bank on finding good TexMex…trust me, I tried, and failed.
- Everyone loves Texas…and I loved seeing burnt orange all over the country.
- Cowboy hats are not a standard wardrobe piece, although boots have become quite trendy.
- Most schools, contrary to popular belief, do not have a hand sign (like the “Hook ‘Em”).
- “Whataburger” is like the “In and Out” of Texas, I haven’t seen a single one on the road!
- Chipotle tastes great across the country.
- Courtney from Colorado has taught me how to identify and avoid ice patches while walking.
- Living in an area where it snows is not pleasant, especially when it turns into dirty slush.
- Snow angels are not made face down…I had forgotten this from my childhood (thanks Caitlin!).

I learned many great lessons, but most importantly, I learned it doesn’t matter where you live but rather who you are surrounded by. Each new place I visited was a new experience, and in each place I was surrounded by Alpha Phi sisters who made me feel like I was home even if I was only moving in for 3 days or 7 months. And while I will definitely return to Texas at the end of this adventure, I will continue to surround myself with my ELC family and maybe even convince them to move to Texas someday.

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