September 1, 2010

Alumnae Perspective

Kim Riha (Delta Epsilon-Iowa)

Now that I have lived in the “real world” for a few months I find myself missing college and especially missing my time at Alpha Phi. Although I will continue to have a great experience with Alpha Phi as an Alumni member, I will always cherish the time I had as a collegiate member. For my last blog, I hope to impart some words of advice on my collegiate sisters and I wish them all well with the beginning of a new school year.
Be good to each other- Your sisters at Alpha Phi are your family. There will be times when you will fight. Just remember that the women around you share in your ideals and values, and that five, 10 years down the line these women will still be there for you-willing to help, willing to comfort. The bond you share with your sisters is one of the greatest perks of joining Alpha Phi.
Do good in the community- As sorority women you have a unique opportunity to impact the community you live in. Get involved on campus as much as you can. Participate in other chapters philanthropies and most importantly strive to make your community aware of Alpha Phi’s philanthropy. We all know that heart disease is the number one killer of women, but others in your community will benefit from that knowledge as well.
Utilize your resources- Take advantage of the resources your campus provides you. Prepare yourself as fully as you can for life outside of college-you will thank yourself for it. Along with the resources on campus, make sure to utilize the resources Alpha Phi provides you. Apply for scholarships, network with Alumni in the area. Staying connected to Alpha Phi is a great way to help yourself excel through college and beyond.
Take pictures- College goes by fast and the photos you have of your friends, the formals, and the philanthropies will always be a reminder of Alpha Phi and what being a member has meant to you.
Have fun- Above all, Alpha Phi is the most fun part of my life. I have met amazing people, experienced an amazing Convention in 2008, and most importantly I have enjoyed every part of it. My friendship with the women in my chapter has continued outside of college, and these women remain my best friends. I am so grateful for the experience I had at Alpha Phi and I wish the best for all current collegiate members. Make the most of it!

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