July 14, 2010

Inside the EO

Ashley Breitenbach (Butler-Epsilon Beta)
Marketing and Communications Intern

My summer as the Alpha Phi Marketing Intern:

I was blessed with the opportunity to work at the Executive Office for a summer internship. Initially, I figured it would be convenient since I am an Alpha Phi and live real close to headquarters. However, I had no idea what a positive experience it would be to work here at the Alpha Phi Executive Office.

As my first official internship, I was nervous to work in an office setting.
This is a real business and a real office, Ashley. This is the big guns.

I’ll admit later, my friends asked how my first day was and I got to brag to them about how I have a cubicle, my own phone and computer and have to dress in real office clothes daily. They were even jealous of me because I had a staff meeting earlier in the day - who would have thought it was possible to be jealous of staff meetings? A supply room was stocked up with all the essentials to run a business: paper, envelopes, stamps, and POST-IT NOTES!

Even though all these exciting components of business was rather enjoyable for me, at the end of the day it isn’t the repetitive stapling and printing that will leave an impression on me. Throughout my internship, I reported to my supervisor,
Arden, daily on my progress. Even with all the busy work and lack of social time, Arden and I were still able to bond and laugh together when Excel wouldn’t work properly. We were able to connect with one another and even joke around when we spent almost 30 hours (no lie!) together making name tags for Convention. When Arden wasn’t around, I often would work with the other staff members in her department. Alissa, Paige and Stephanie all respected me and welcomed me with open arms.

Working with them has taught me how to work and communicate with a group of people and showed me how to accomplish a goal or project as a group. Regardless of the hard times, stressful times, goofy times and fun times, being here at Alpha Phi has showed me that these are all times that we have spent together. The support system here at Alpha Phi is one that is stronger than ever. Just in my few weeks here at Alpha Phi, I have seen glimpses of this support net. From J.D.’s peppy musical beats, to Denise’s fashionable outfits and infectious smile, to the whole office celebrations as individuals in the office step forward to a next chapter in their life (birthdays and law school graduations), the Alpha Phi Executive Office staff have been there for me and have taught me more things about myself than they know.

So to everyone at the office, thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you, thank you for helping me learn, thank you for giving me the chance to make a difference and thank you for allowing me to meet such amazing individuals. The things that I have learned at Alpha Phi I will always keep with me and you have all helped me grow into the person I am today. I am so privileged to have this opportunity.



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