July 16, 2010

Alumnae Perspective

By: Lori Losee (Beta Rho/Washington State University)

July 1, 2010 marked the beginning of another fiscal year for Alpha Phi, which means it’s time to show your ongoing support and pride in Alpha Phi by paying your international dues.

Are you wondering what your dues help fund? By paying your International Alumnae Dues, including your Founders' Day Pennies (a penny for every year Alpha Phi has been in existence), you are showing your outward commitment to Alpha Phi. Additionally, your dues help fund the ongoing programs, products and services that keep Alpha Phi strong.

A portion of your international dues help fund:
• Publication of the Alpha Phi Quarterly Magazine;
• Re-design of the Alpha Phi Web site: www.alphaphi.org
• Launch of the new Official Facebook Application (debuting this summer)
Transitions e-newsletter for recent graduates
• Ivy Leaf new member information manual
• Staff and Educational Leadership Consultant visits to 150 collegiate chapters
• Little Dipper legacy program
• Facebook fan page
• LinkedIn groups
• On the Go Podcasts
• New collegiate chapter efforts, including recent colonizations at University of Kentucky, University of Denver and Florida State University
• Maintenance of the Alpha Phi Executive Office
• A
comprehensive membership database
• Coddington Club for Alpha Phi family members
• Support for new and existing alumnae chapters

Alpha Phi offers two different payment options:

• Select Annual Dues and pay $36.38. This payment includes your dues ($35) and your Founders' Day pennies ($1.38). Your dues will be paid through June 30, 2011.
• Select Lifetime Dues and pay $325. Your dues and Founders' Day pennies will be paid for the rest of your lifetime.

As a dues-paying member, you are afforded many benefits including, a subscription to the Alpha Phi Quarterly and corporate discounts through Working Advantage.

To pay your Alpha Phi International Dues, visit the fraternity’s Web site.

In addition to your international dues, please don’t forget to pay your local Alpha Phi alumnae chapter dues. If you are looking for an alumnae chapter near you, check out our listing or email Paige Stallings

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