July 10, 2010

Alpha Phi Staff Profile: J.D. Louk

J.D. Louk
Kappa Sigma – Mu Tau Chapter/Austin Peay
Director of Collegiate Operations and I have been here almost a year!

Where do you work?
I work in the Collegiate Department at the Executive Office on the 2nd floor.

What does your job entail?
I work with operations of a chapter: risk management, elections, investigations to violations of fraternity polices and procedures, working with chapters who are on probation and action steps, and university relations. I also work with the Operations & Programming Coordinators for each of the 8 regions.

Why do you like working for Alpha Phi?
I love seeing committed women who are concerned for the advancement and development of each other. Volunteers and collegiate members working to advance each other and women’s issues. Alpha Phi has such a rich history and women who have helped pioneer strong women who are not afraid to take risks and who are cutting edge. There are so many areas that I feel I am able to help and I am excited to be a part of working with such dynamic women. Alpha Phi has the ability to impact so many women’s lives positively if each new members coming in opens up her heart and mind to what she may become through her commitment and involvement to Alpha Phi.

What is your favorite Alpha Phi memory?
Being a non-member and working as a volunteer with the Theta Omega chapter and seeing those women succeed and grow. We had such a culturally diverse group of women that learning from them was essential in my Alpha Phi involvement.

What is your Alpha Phi legacy?
I hope I am able to show that even a non-member can care about the success of each and every member and chapter. There are more people who altruistically want to help: just ask! While I may be a non-member my commitment to the history, ideals and principals of the fraternity does run deep.

What is the future of Alpha Phi?
I believe that Alpha Phi has such a potential for greatness. The foundational principals of the fraternity are grounded deeply in such rich values. If each member can understand these, the fraternity will not only be the best women’s fraternity but the ideal women’s organization for collegiate and alumnae alike.

Tell us about your family!
I have two nephews who make me smile and laugh often.

I love to travel and explore/see new places. I enjoy the theatre and miss the beaches of Miami. I am also training to complete (not compete) in the Chicago Half Marathon with some friends and Alpha Phis in October.

Interesting fact about yourself!
As a Chapter Consultant (our version of the ELC) for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity I traveled to 22 states visiting chapters. The driving was a great time for reflection and learning it’s to be ok being by myself.

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