May 18, 2010

Alpha Phi Staff Profile: Linda Schnetzer

Linda Schnetzer
Beta Omicron / Bowling Green

Director of Collegiate Recruitment
From 1992-1996, From 2001 - 2004, From 2005-2010. Several different jobs.

Where do you work?
From my home office in NYC.

What does your job entail?
Working with the volunteers and staff who support our chapters recruitments. I work with the IRT Strategy Team and all its committees, ELCs RAs, collegiate officers etc etc.

Why do you like working for Alpha Phi?
I love watching chapters grow in strength and size.

What is your favorite Alpha Phi memory?
There are just too many to choose from!

What is your Alpha Phi legacy?
Hopefully my legacy will involve more Alpha Phi volunteers involved in membership and stronger chapters on our campus. Also my four nieces.

What is the future of Alpha Phi?
I'm not sure the future needs to be too different. We need to always get bigger and stronger, we need to stay connected to our campuses and always change with the times. We also need to recognize the importance of our volunteers, meet their needs and support meaningful and achievable roles.

Family: My husband, Dean, who likes to come to Convention. I also have four sisters. Three of my sisters sisters and my mom are Alpha Phis!

Hobbies: Cooking,I like using new recipes and often cook way too much food for two; Travel, especially to new places; and reading- love my Kindle!

Interesting fact about yourself: I have been to 47 states and 29 countries. I'm really looking forward to Panama which will be my 30th.

Complied by: Lori Losee (Beta Rho/Washington State University)

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epsilonalumnae said...

Linda, YOU ROCK! : )