April 5, 2010

On the Road

Kat Jenne (Gamma Nu-Miami University)
08-09 ELC

One Day in the Life of an ELC

I arrived Monday in Austin after a few delays in O’Hare to visit our Omega chapter at the University of Texas - Austin. The members came and welcomed me at the airport. They were so warm and friendly!! We all went back to the house which is beautiful and located right by the capitol building.

I started off the visit by meeting with the Executive Council. I received my schedule for the busy week ahead. They have an "'Eat Your Heart Out" barbeque from 11am-3pm at the house later that day! Tomorrow will be their first date party with a Mardi Gras theme. By Friday, I’ll have to pack up my things again for my next trip to the Southeast Regional Conference in Virginia.

After receiving my schedule, I left to run errands with a member who planned their philanthropy event and it started raining. She told me that is rarely rains or is cold in Austin. I love this city!! It’s very busy and seems very alive despite the rain.

The Omega House

The Capitol that is to the right of the Alpha Phi House

For lunch, I was able to meet another ELC’s sister, Mandie and her five month old son Anderson. It was really nice – like having some time with family in a new city! They both live in Austin and were happy to meet another ELC on the road.

Me and Anderson

It has been amazing meeting the sisters of Omega; they made me feel so at home! I’m looking forward to attending their events and meeting more members throughout the week. This has been a great day!!

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Heather said...

Loved reading this Kat - Omega was my first visit as an ELC! So glad you posted a pic of the house :) Take care!