April 15, 2010

Collegiate Perspective

Each month, we'll be having our collegiate and alumane blog writers post about their Alpha Phi experiences.
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Kimberly Riha (Iowa-Delta Epsilon)

It is hard as an upperclassman to attend every Alpha Phi gathering like you maybe did when you were younger. When I lived in our chapter structure I was at every philanthropy, every sisterhood, every chance I got—I was participating in Alpha Phi. Now that I have moved out of the chapter structure, have a job, and am working on figuring out life post graduation it is harder to find time to be around the younger members. Even though I may not be around them all the time, I still think it is important to set a good example. Older members should do their best to stay involved. This year I helped plan our parent’s weekend and I was also a member of Iowa’s Greek Week Council. Even though Greek Week Council isn’t directly related to Alpha Phi it shows the younger members that there are plenty of fun ways to be active in the Greek Community as an older member.

We have all felt the struggle to try to get our older members to attend events. Why now, as seniors, would we become the uninvolved members that gave us so many frustrations? Staying active is a great way to set a positive example for our younger Alpha Phis. It is also in the hands of the seniors to provide an example of what it really means to be an Alpha Phi. Alpha Phi, to me, means class and confidence. With social networking sites as extremely popular and visible as they are, it is necessary that the members of Alpha Phi maintain their class, confident image by being appropriate on the internet. Upperclassmen should lead by example to show the younger women the importance of maintaining a positive image because we are always representing not only ourselves, but Alpha Phi as well.

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