April 25, 2010

Collegiate Experience

Each month, we'll be having our collegiate and alumane blog writers post about their Alpha Phi experiences.
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Lauren Donahoo William Woods (Delta Chi)

Alpha Phi. Texan. Avid Horse Back rider. Ex triathlete. Procrastinating blogger. Sporadic Twitter-er. Driver of large, loud truck “Jane”. Lover of the outdoors. Adorer of the Dallas Cowboys. Those are just a few things that define me – Lauren Donahoo. Although the first thing on the list is definitely Alpha Phi. I’m a proud member of the Delta Chi chapter at William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri. I chose the school for its unique degree program in Equestrian Science – “horses” in lay(wo)man’s terms, as I plan to be a professional rider and dressage trainer “when I grow up” (if that ever happens!). I was granted the opportunity to share my two cents with the Alpha Phi community because I blog my own training at www.TexanEquestrian.blogspot.com .

“Home” is Texas for me. I say “home” because let’s be honest – I’ve found that my home is where my girls are. Walking up the front steps of the house to the sounds of music blaring in the bathrooms on all three floors and the smell of cookies baking in the basement is what keeps me going. While I’ll be a Texan til’ the day that die, and I love my family, the tiny town in the Middle of Nowhere, Missouri where the Alpha Phi house is nestled is definitely Home.

Currently, I’m a Junior at William Woods University, with plans to graduate in May of 2011 with my Bachelor’s. I’ve served as the Panhellenic Delegate and Panhellenic Treasurer during my freshman and sophomore years at WWU, respectively. However, my junior year I jumped on the opportunity to “study abroad”. I received the opportunity to train and compete with some very nice horses, and it qualified as an internship, but instead of being across the pond, so to speak, I’m back home in Texas. So I’ve taken two semesters – Fall of ’09, and Spring of ’10 as an “early sabbatical” to further my experience and my career in the saddle. It has been a tremendous effort to stay away from my girls for this long but I’ll return to normal college life in Missouri this fall. While I have learned and continue to learn a lot, I’m SO excited for my senior year!

However, if anyone had told me my senior year of high school that this is where I’d be now, I’d have laughed for days. I was listening to every stereotype around, believing the crazy stories, even turning down scholarships to some state universities because of their astounding Greek population. Little did I know, I’d meet some of the most fabulous women I’ve ever had the privilege to know, and even have the honor of joining them in all of their endeavors while they helped guide my own. I was attracted to Greek life because of the women I met who showed me they were the furthest opposite of every stereotype and image of Greek life I’d ever come to know. I was attracted to Alpha Phi when I found genuine, honest women who made me feel as though we’d already been best friends for three decades. I was hooked.

So over the next year, I’ll be blogging about all the things that I’m hooked on. Everything from recruiting new Phis, philanthropy events, goal setting, raising awareness of Greek and Alpha Phi life, and what being a Phi means to me. But until next month, I wish all my sisters wonderful spring weather, glamorous year end events, and all my love from warm, sunny Texas!

AOE, Lauren

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