March 26, 2010

Inside the EO

by Arden Schuman (Iota Eta-DePaul), Marketing and Communications Program Manager

Working at the EO, I am constantly encountering stories of amazing ways that Alpha Phi has benefited a sister. This week, such an incident came across my desk that was a small, but heartwarming, testament to this fact.

Earlier in the week, I got a call from a someone who had discovered a wallet and wanted to return it to the owner. Only problem was that this person couldn't figure out how to get in touch with the owner.
It seems, however, that she was able to find an Alpha Phi membership card and that's how she got connected to me. A few clicks in our membership database and I was able to locate our walletless sister (good thing we had her current contact info! hint hint) and connect her to the Good Samaritan that had found it.

Not so big, right? But I think that's what made me smile as I hung up the phone. Would you think that Alpha Phi could help you get your missing wallet back? Me neither. I wonder what other small ways our sisterhood has been a part of solving even the little things...

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