March 10, 2010

Collegiate Perspective

Each month, we'll be having our collegiate and alumane blog writers post about their Alpha Phi experiences.
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Kimberly Riha (Iowa-Delta Epsilon)

Last month I spent a lot of time focusing on two things. The first thing I focused on was graduation. I had portfolios to finish, jobs to apply for, and papers to write. It was and is stressful, which leads me to my other main focus. Last month I focused on getting healthy. Early in the month I celebrated Go Red for Women by wearing red under my dreary black uniform for work. I recently joined the Self Challenge with Alpha Phi and am excited about the health and fitness tips that I have been getting in my mailbox. I joined an athletic club and began working out regularly, something I didn’t really stick to in the past. I have tried to start eating healthier, cutting back on fast food and desserts, eating more fruits and veggies.

As a college student it is hard to juggle class loads, work, Alpha Phi, campus organizations and spending time with friends and family. Trying to fit in exercise on top of everything else can be really difficult. I love being an Alpha Phi because our foundation’s website and Self Magazine always have great heart healthy tips, especially around this time of year. The article in the last Alpha Phi Quarterly about Megan Johns’ heart attack reminded me that exercise and eating right are important, but heart disease is a very real problem and can hit any woman at any time. The article kept me on my goal of getting healthy and exercising more.

I hope that the article reminds the women of Alpha Phi to do their best to stay healthy all year long; not just during the months that we talk about it most. I encourage all of you reading this blog to get healthy in 2010. All of your sisters are supporting you!

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