July 31, 2009

On the Road

Sam Stawicki (Epsilon Rho – UC/Davis)
Second Year ELC

Looking back over my ELC experience I have met over 1,300 members, visited 20 universities, and participated in 10 recruitments – but one moment stands out from this experience. I was meeting with the president of a chapter, and we were discussing their initiation ceremony over lunch. Suddenly her eyes lit up, she put her sandwich down and said, “Guess what I just realized? You and I both went through the same initiation ceremony – sometimes it’s hard to remember that Alpha Phi is bigger than just my chapter at my university... but that’s what makes us sisters!!”

It seems like easy concept to remember that we’re all connected through Alpha Phi, but seeing this member feel that bond was so rewarding. Alpha Phi I more than just a 4 year experience at one university; it is a lifetime of friendship with dedicated women from over 150 different universities who all have the opportunity to continue to grow in Alpha Phi’s original values: truth, honor, and love.

July 28, 2009

Collegiate Perspective

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As I look forward to my senior year of college and saying good bye to my sisters, I can’t help but reflect back on the past three years Alpha Phi has given me. Most of my memories have been wonderful, but there have been difficult times. I once reached a point where I was planning on dropping Alpha Phi. Then something unexpected happened.

Due to special circumstances I was lucky enough as Vice President of Recruitment to be able to attend Convention in Arizona last July. I was nervous for Convention; being in Arizona by myself was intimidating and I worried that I would spend my time there wishing I was home. At that point in my life I wasn’t feeling much of a sisterly bond and I didn’t think Convention would help matters. I was definitely wrong.

We always hear about the international bond that Alpha Phi’s share, but I thought it was just something we talked about, not something I would experience. Not only were the women I met friendly towards me, we connected instantly.

I’m so grateful for the beautiful, smart, funny women I met last summer. I was reminded why I joined Alpha Phi in the first place; to be a part of a sisterhood that can withstand anything. I was reminded what it means to be an Alpha Phi, and I now have comfort in knowing that where ever my life leads after I graduate I will always have a connection of sisters to rely on.

Kimberly Riha
(Delta Epsilon-Iowa)
Alpha Phi Collegiate Blogger

July 17, 2009

Alumnae Perspective

I had grown up knowing that one day I would become an Alpha Phi. It was my mom who taught me several Alpha Phi songs from an early age and shared her stories and memories of being an Alpha Phi while in college. So it was no surprise when I would join the same chapter as her and my cousin in the fall of 1997 at Washington State University. Even before I was initiated, I knew that Alpha Phi meant more than just a 4-year experience. It was Alpha Phi where I met my best friends and who would later become my bridesmaids and where my mom also became my sister. It was Alpha Phi that brought my parents together and me and my husband.

During my years as a collegiate, I did whatever I could for my chapter and the only way I could repay Alpha Phi for all of the good memories was to give back as an alum. I began serving as an advisor two years after graduating before becoming the chapter adviser at the University of Puget Sound. As an alum and through my volunteering I have been able to meet even more Phi’s that I would probably have never met, many who have become some of my closest friends even though we lives thousands of miles apart. Currently, I serve as the Program Development Advisor for my own chapter as well as their Chapter Based Initiative facilitator, PNW Regional New Member Specialist and PNW Regional Conference Coordinator. One of my best highlights of my advising career was being named the 2006 Outstanding Chapter Advisor for the Pacific Northwest Region and more recently being awarded the Michaelean Award at the 2008 Alpha Phi Convention.

As a wedding and event planner based in Washington State, Alpha Phi has helped to provide me the tools to be successful in my field and it has provided me a large network to work with.

I feel that my life as only been enriched by Alpha Phi both as a collegiate and as an alumnae and I am thankful to have Alpha Phi in my life. It is Alpha Phi had made me the woman I am today.

Lori Lyman-Losee (Beta Rho-Washington State)

July 9, 2009

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July 6, 2009

From the Executive Director

After a week in the role of Executive Director, I wanted to reach out and thank everyone for the warm welcome that I have received. The first time I logged into my new alphaphi.org email account, I was greeted with a screen full of welcoming emails from collegians and alumnae across the US and Canada. It reaffirmed to me why I am so excited to be in this role. For all the fun and interesting things there are to work on, Alpha Phi is - at the core - about wonderful people.

To share a bit about my background, I attended Iowa State University and was initiated into the Zeta Delta chapter of Alpha Phi where I served as recruitment chairman. As an alumna, I have served as chapter adviser at Delta Zeta (University of Maryland) and Zeta Gamma (Santa Clara University), fraternity education adviser at Eta Delta (CSU / East Bay) and house corporation board president and chapter operations adviser at Beta Psi (San Jose State). I have always loved working with the collegiate chapters, and am immensely proud of the chapters I have had the opportunity to be a part of.

Professionally, I began my career as a software engineer and spent most of my career in Silicon Valley in high-tech management roles. My last role was president of the small-to-medium business division of EarthLink, a national internet service provider. Though I hope to contribute to Alpha Phi’s future in many ways, I am especially excited about how we can use technology to create even closer connections to each other.

Thank you again for the warm welcome and I look forward to meeting and working with many of you in the future as we work to carry on this wonderful legacy that is Alpha Phi.

Linda Wells (Beck) Kahangi

Executive Director
Alpha Phi International Fraternity