November 3, 2009

Collegiate Perspective

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Kimberly Riha (Iowa-Delta Epsilon)

A few weekends ago my chapter had an Alpha Phi filled weekend. Court of Ivy, Initiation, and my chapter’s fall philanthropy event all took place within the same weekend and reminded me that my time left at Delta Epsilon is short. Our philanthropy event—a Pancake Breakfast—fell on a beautiful October morning, a drastic change from last year’s freezing, windy weather.

While getting ready for initiation, I looked back on my own initiation in spring of ’07 and remembered how excited and nervous I was. When I started my new member period as an Alpha Phi I was happy to have finally found a place for myself at the University of Iowa. Formal Recruitment in the fall had not worked out for me and I decided that being Greek wasn’t that important any longer. By spending time with my best friend who had joined Alpha Phi, I found a group of women I clicked with.

Luckily for me, the women in this organization wanted me to be a part of their group, and share the traditions of the fraternity with them. The day of my initiation I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew whole-heartedly that I was making the best decision I could. I was proud to become a member of this organization; proud to be a sister in Alpha Phi. Every new member should have the same special experience with initiation that their sisters have had for decades.

I wanted to use this month’s blog to ask my fellow sisters to remember Alpha Phi. Remember your own initiation and how you felt becoming a member of this organization. Remember that even if you have been to multiple initiations, the new initiates are experiencing it for the first time. Our traditions and values have been practiced and preserved since 1872 and should be honored by all members. Remember our ten founders, their goals for the fraternity, and how much Alpha Phi has grown.

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