September 28, 2009

Collegiate Perspective

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Kimberly Riha (Iowa-Delta Epsilon)
Collegiate Blogger

It is easy to see the strength of a friendship in the fun times like planning a philanthropy event, giggling together at a sisterhood event, or getting dressed for formal. Those have been some of my favorite times at Alpha Phi but I think the real test of a friendship is who is still by your side when everything is going wrong.

I lost my grandfather in late August and had a really hard time dealing. I found out on the second day of class very early in the morning. I went upstairs to tell my roommate, and I have never felt as much support as I did at that time. She hugged me and let me cry all over her pillows. I skipped four classes and she skipped as well in order to take me out to lunch instead.

When I got back from the funeral there was a card from all of my roommates on my bed just to say that they had been thinking of me. This small gesture meant so much to me, and it reminded me that Alpha Phi is a connection that goes much deeper than simply having fun together at a social event. Alpha Phi is a group of women with big and caring hearts that will take care of a sister in need. I know that in the future my sisters and I will experience other difficulties and hardships, but I also know that we can always depend on each other, no matter how much distance separates us.

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