August 18, 2009

The Inside Story

Elle Eichinger (Iota Eta-DePaul)
Quarterly intern

I guess I underestimated the trust of a sister until I started my internship at the Quarterly magazine. Since day one—I’ve now been here for about four weeks—my supervisors have been handing me real projects to work on; if I were interning anywhere else, my only real project would likely have been figuring out the coffee machine.

Even before I arrived, the women here were confident enough in me to get a desk set up and set real goals for me to accomplish, such as writing articles for the magazine and writing podcasts for the Web site’s On the Go series. Lucky for me, I couldn’t have hoped to get more out of this internship; Lucky for them, I was prepared to take on projects like these (although I had been practicing my coffee-making).

Yesterday we produced the latest podcast in the series: Summer Balancing Act, online soon. Here at Alpha Phi, we use only the most high-tech equipment (see photo). Okay, not really—yesterday morning I worked on stacking up books just right so the microphone would sit at a good speaking level, then we used a little screen held together by binder clips to cover the mic.

This was all balanced out, however, by the voice of our podcasts, Jane Baxter Miller (Alpha Lambda-Alumna Initiate). Jane is a professional voice actress, and you can tell. Trust me, because I had to test the microphone, and her voice was like an angel’s compared to mine.

Finally, we added music and made some small edits; you would never know the podcast wasn’t recorded in a high-tech studio (but rather in a tiny office cubicle). You can check out the finished product at

I was so lucky to have been a part of that process, and am super excited about all the other projects I am working on. Check back for more updates from Kacey and me!
Alpha Phi's 2009 interns, Kacey and Elle, will be sharing their experiences at the Executive Office during their internship. To learn more about the Alpha Phi internship program click here.

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Caroline Anne said...

Elle! I didn't know you were interning at headquarters!! That's awesome! Hope recruitment goes well this fall, I'll come back to visit sometime fall quarter. Miss you ladies so much and look forward to your next post here!
aoe, Caroline