August 28, 2009

Collegiate Perspective

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Chapters across the country are finishing up a successful recruitment or perhaps preparing for one. Iowa’s fall formal recruitment is now over, and this year I separated from my sisters and represented the entire Panhellenic community as a Rho Gamma.

My blog this month is a little later than I had hoped; all of my attention these past two weeks has been turned toward the hundreds of potential new members hoping to be a part of the Greek community.

When I met my group of twenty women one week ago, I recognized familiar fear I had once had as an incoming freshman. Will I make friends? Will people like me? Can I really someday see this as my home and see these women as my sisters?

As a senior these anxieties seem like a lifetime ago, but this week I found myself hoping all of these things with the freshmen I was getting to know. I felt sorrow in their disappointments and shared joy in their successes.

When preference came around it hit me that I would not be sharing my last collegiate preference ceremony with my sisters. I was sad to miss this special night with the women who are my best friends but I was also excited to experience this night again through the eyes of women who someday might be my sisters.

I don’t regret choosing to miss my last formal recruitment to be a Rho Gamma. I got to watch future leaders of the Greek community find their way to the chapters they were meant to be a part of. I got to join in their first experience of being a sorority woman and I hope that my guidance helped them in some way; large or small.

I know that all of the chapters at Iowa have wonderful new women to lead them through the next few years and beyond. To Alpha Phi’s across the US and Canada: thank you for continuing to bring fabulous women into this sisterhood. It is a group I am honored to be a part of.

And finally to all the sisters who have joined our chapters across North America, welcome and AOE.

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