August 11, 2009

Inside Story

Kacey Albertine (Beta-Northwestern)
Alpha Phi Intern, PR & Marketing

When I first arrived two weeks ago to begin my Public Relations internship with Alpha Phi, I was struck by the sophisticated, yet laid-back atmosphere of the Executive Office. Although there are cubicles and people (mainly women) dressed in “snappy casual” floating about, there is a sense of connection and belief in Alpha Phi that makes this office feel like a home. It’s a wonder that although I am entering my senior year at Northwestern University and have lived at my own chapter’s (Beta) house just across the street, I have not been inside the headquarters until now!

The nature of my projects has also instilled in me a feeling of connection and sisterhood. I am currently composing a workbook for the women holding the position of Director of Public Relations at their chapter. It’s incredible to me that my project will help 147 chapters scattered around North America keep Alpha Phi alive and successful. Even though I am the Vice President of Membership Recruitment at the Beta chapter, I was unaware of all of the resources available for the women who hold an office in their chapter until now. If you’re a current member, you should really check out the “members only” tab on the website!

I will also be witness to the recording of our latest Alpha Phi Podcast, and will even input my own ideas for future Podcast topics. Like the workbook, the Podcasts reach a huge audience of members and alumnae, as well as their family and friends. It feels tremendous to be a part of that.

I will update this blog regularly as my projects with Alpha Phi expand and change. Until then, I am going to learn as much as I can from the lovely women here at the EO, not only to enrich the Beta chapter, but to enrich my own life as well.

Alpha Phi's 2009 interns, Kacey and Elle, will be sharing their experiences at the Executive Office during their internship. To learn more about the Alpha Phi internship program click here

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