July 31, 2009

On the Road

Sam Stawicki (Epsilon Rho – UC/Davis)
Second Year ELC

Looking back over my ELC experience I have met over 1,300 members, visited 20 universities, and participated in 10 recruitments – but one moment stands out from this experience. I was meeting with the president of a chapter, and we were discussing their initiation ceremony over lunch. Suddenly her eyes lit up, she put her sandwich down and said, “Guess what I just realized? You and I both went through the same initiation ceremony – sometimes it’s hard to remember that Alpha Phi is bigger than just my chapter at my university... but that’s what makes us sisters!!”

It seems like easy concept to remember that we’re all connected through Alpha Phi, but seeing this member feel that bond was so rewarding. Alpha Phi I more than just a 4 year experience at one university; it is a lifetime of friendship with dedicated women from over 150 different universities who all have the opportunity to continue to grow in Alpha Phi’s original values: truth, honor, and love.

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