March 31, 2009

Megan Aus (Epsilon-University of Minnesota)
Educational Leadership Consultant

At Beta Mu's March 7 installation, we looked out over the University of Alabama's Bryant-Denny stadium and were astounded by the accomplishments since the last time we stood in the stadium more than six months ago. Before September 5, Alpha Phi at Alabama was simply a vision waiting to be fulfilled. When we arrived on campus at the beginning of August we had no idea that Tuscaloosa, Alabama and a group of almost 200 women would find a place in the hearts of two girls from the Midwest.

As a consultant team, we began one of the largest colonization’s in the history of our organization and the University. We arrived on campus not knowing each other. We have now spent almost seven months shaping and guiding the future of Alpha Phi at UA...and becoming best friends. We’ve went through multiple transitions starting by interviewing nearly 400 women with the interview team, turning into the Executive Council and all officers, changing into chapter advisers and leaving amazed at the accomplishments of our charter members, excited for their future.

We love Bento, the Houndstooth, the quad, Denny Chimes, Bryant-Denny stadium and every bit of our Tuscaloosa experience. We know the appropriate time to yell ‘Roll Tide Roll’ during the song Sweet Home Alabama. Megan now wears sundresses and color often, Kat drinks sweet tea and eats fried okra and we both own Sperry’s and several pairs of Nike shorts. We feel like we have had the unique opportunity to see a start up from the beginning and worked the hardest in our lives to ensure it was successful.

We are so thankful for all of the volunteer support from Team Bama, for all of our dedicated and passionate members and for the opportunity Alpha Phi has given us to broaden our horizons. We will never forget our time at the University of Alabama and can’t wait to return and see the future successes of the chapter. Roll Tide! :)


mandie lane said...

Way to go, ladies! What a wonderful accomplishment, I'm so proud of you both for all your hard work. Cute blog post, too!

Mandie Aus Frazier

cami said...

you guys have been priceless in Tuscaloosa- and you are missed!
Roll Tide forever!