March 23, 2009

As GOLD Development Officers for the Foundation, it has been truly exciting to reach out to the young women of our organization. We are currently in our second year of GOLD, and are still "hitting the road," traveling to major cities across the country, meeting with our young alums to not only educate them on what is happening at Alpha Phi on an International level, but gaining their support for our Foundation. Absolutely priceless.

All of our alums have gotten a little something different out of their experiences as Alpha Phis, but the most resounding theme is that we, as our organization's youth, want to support the continued development of Alpha Phi. We are not only a progressive organization that continues to empower our young women, but we consistently provide a connection even throughout our busy young lives that lasts far longer than our four years in college. We are allowing our young alumns to make a lasting difference in Alpha Phi.

We are honored to provide our young alums a way to "give back and get back." We have been able to attend many inspiring philanthropy events this winter. One being our DePaul Chapter's Red Dress Gala. We not only were able to share in the chapter's success, but gather with GOLD donors Molly Johnson & Tara Majeed (both advisors at DePaul) along with one of our current ELCs, Sam Stawicki.

Look for more of our adventures to come...We are definitely on the road less traveled and are happy to share these unique stories with you!

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